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Brixworth 2022



Very special thanks should go to the following people:


Iain Small (Treasurer) who also helped with publicity, printing and ticket sales; Robert Wakefield (Venue Manager) who also helped with publicity, catering arrangements and ticket sales; Simone Reid, who helped with publicity and social media; Oksana King, who helped with publicity and programming; Sarah Small, for her many ideas and help with with social media; Gwion Thomas, who, among other things, had the task of being Minutes Secretary; Chloe Willson Thomas, for all her support and stepping in as Chair when needed; Kay Soteriou for her very generous sponsorship; Nicola Dell, who designed the BMF Poster; Rev. David Reith for his enthusiastic support and allowing us to use the Church of all Saints, Brixworth; Vanessa Crooks, Church Warden, who has helped us with the catering arrangements; the Brixworth Information Centre for letting us use their office space to sell tickets; and thank you as well to the unnamed sponsor who gave as a large donation, allowing us to stage this revival the Brixworth Music Festival.


And - not forgotten: thank you to all those unnamed individuals who have worked in the background, giving much needed advice and support.


Vivienne Olive


Committee of the Brixworth Music Festival:

Stuart Cooper , Oksana King , Vivienne Olive , Simone Reid, Iain Small, Sarah Small, Kay Soteriou, Gwion Thomas, Robert Wakefield, Chloe Willson Thomas

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